What is Truth?

What is truth?

It is everything you think its not.

It’s pain.

It’s an illusion of freedom.

It’s power, greed, and money.

The truth is cold and hard and fast.

It’s the reality of things that are painful and hard to bear.

The pursuit of truth drove me and as I approached it, it didn’t give me the freedom I thought it would. It didn’t provide peace, but more questions. The pursuit of truth and its ultimate knowledge is destitute of redemption to its elements; to the things surrounding it, that make it what it is.

Its strong, it’s unrelenting, it’s void of hope.

But there is another kind of truth, yet not in any particular circumstance or event, but in an ongoing thought or feeling.  This truth is the truth of the ages, it’s timeless, ever foreboding, beyond generations or trends or fashions or faiths.

The truth is what you see in the morning, in the night, in your dreams. The truth of the ever present hope of good versus evil, and good prevails. It’s the victory of overcoming great odds and personal tragedies. Because, the truth is, the odds are against you. The truth is beating those odds.

The truth is who you are and what you believe in; the values you set and the standards you live by.

The truth is learning your humanity, learning yourself.

The truth is taking steps towards true happiness for you; within.

The truth is you.


~ by Liderien on July 29, 2011.

3 Responses to “What is Truth?”

  1. There are times in life I believe that our truth is only found through reflection of another.

  2. In all my worldly travels truth has eluded me. I have only found perception.

  3. I have found truth and I like it. It left me rather alone though

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