A Dream

I had the most disturbing dream.
I woke with an overwhelming sadness. I’ve been there before not so long ago and to revisit it was a little hard to bear, even though I knew it wasn’t real once I opened my eyes. Our dreams are very real at least on the emotional level.
And even though I have been struggling with these emotions since 5 o’clock this morning, I just can’t seem to shake them.
What is even more disturbing is what the dream may have meant. And if interpretations are correct, I have not dealt with some emotions like I thought I have. This is a major blow to me. I have been trying hard to change the way I think; change how I think of myself specifically.
I can let this dream do one of two things: I can let it bother me and perhaps even get depressed about it. After all, I’ve put so much effort into building myself up and finding true love for myself only to find maybe I havent been doing such a good job? Or I can continue working on the change regardless.
For now Im going to work on the change, because I want to do the hard stuff.


~ by Liderien on April 18, 2014.

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